How do elements beyond our control affect our connection to space and its embodied culture?  How does language inform our experience of space and limit or expand our understanding of it?  How do our internal hangups with external elements - insert: language, food, weather, social customs - impact the ways in which we engage with a new environment? 

transience, a series of images taken from moving vehicles, including trains, ferries and buses, addresses these questions and reflects the relationship that occurs between individual and space, when the individual is in a constant state of movement. These images were taken over the course of three years in which my life was characterized primarily by movement; both of my body through geography and of my person through life's seasons.  

While the aforementioned elements - language, food, weather, social customs, and other similar factors - are not immediately present in the images, the blurred lenses they often create, are.  Blemishes in windows are marginalizing elements by proxy:  

a drop of rain = weather, a crack = culture, an oil smudge = language, and on and on.